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The Airport Art Program develops and integrates art, exhibits and performances into the fabric of the ATL environment for the benefit of passengers and employees. The Art Program has three major components: commissioning artists to create site-specific artwork, presenting rotating exhibitions and scheduling performing arts series. Each part of the program strives to meet the Department of Aviation’s goal of becoming the world’s best airport by exceeding customer expectations.

Flight Paths by Steve Waldeck Flight Paths by Steve Waldeck

Permanent Exhibits

  • Flight of the Spirit by Colleen Sterling – Located in Concourse T north corridor
  • Flight Paths by Steve Waldeck – Located in the transportation mall between Concourses A and B
  • The Conversation by Agnes Nyanhongo – Located in the transportation mall between Concourses T and A
  • A Walk Through Atlanta History by Ayunini Media – Located in the transportation mall between Concourses B and C
  • Natural Wonder by Don Cooper – Located on Concourse C at the Centerpoint
  • The Navigation Project by Vicki Ragan – Located next to Gate E11
  • Saints by Radcliffe Bailey – Located above the Concourse E escalators.
  • Veneers by Amy Landesberg – Located in the Concourse E and F connector corridor
  • airFIELD by Uebersee – Located in the Concourse F international atrium
  • Mammatus by Christopher Moulder – Located in the international terminal arrivals level

Rotating Exhibits

  • Courage Under Fire – Located in the domestic atrium
    Dramatic photography of the Freedom Riders during the civil rights movement
  • Nature Revealed – Located in the Concourse T north display cases.
    A show of sculpture, painting and installations by artists who find inspiration in nature.
  • Youth Art Galleries – Located on Concourses T, D and E
    Exhibits of Georgia’s K-12 student artwork. It rotates quarterly.