Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS / “Drones”)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS / “Drones”)

The information provided is intended to address general guidelines on Unmanned Aircraft Systems – commonly referred to as drones – based on Federal Aviation Regulations (FAA).

Operators should be familiar with all applicable requirements including federal, state and local regulations. We recommend contacting the appropriate authorities to ensure compliance.
In addition to having some of the lowest operating costs in the United States, ATL boasts exceptional infrastructure, a highly efficient layout with five parallel runways, generous airfield capacity with round-the-clock operations, and no slot restrictions or curfews.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport prohibits recreational UAS operations on Airport properties. Requests for commercial and public UAS operations require a Certificate of Authorization obtained through the FAA. All applications are subject to Department of Aviation approval. A minimum of seven (7) business days is required to process applications.

Operations for commercial or business purposes are classified as commercial UAS operations and subject to the requirements set forth in Federal Aviation Regulations Part 107.

Department of Aviation Notification

To complete and submit a UAS Notification Form, please click here . Please note that this form is best used in Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers.

For questions about UAS at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport please email uas@atl.com.