Planning, Noise and Environmental

The City of Atlanta’s Department of Aviation and the Federal Aviation Administration have evaluated aircraft noise in the Airport vicinity for more than 30 years. The FAA approved the Department of Aviation’s first Noise Compatibility Program in 1984. Since then, the Department has maintained a comprehensive noise mitigation program that has consisted of both property acquisition and sound insulation for homes and other noise-sensitive sites.

The Department uses a Noise and Operations Monitoring System as part of its overall noise program. This program, combined with education to those calling with noise complaints, has led to a steady decline in the annual number of complaints.

The Department continues to implement an Airport Noise Mitigation Program in jurisdictions near the Airport to enhance land-use compatibility with aircraft noise.

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The Master Plan is a development plan for the short, mid, and long term demands of the Airport facility. It is formulated by examining a number of factors, including passenger counts, associated landside demands due to local passenger usage, terminal and concourse needs to accommodate all passengers, and airside development to accommodate increased air traffic. The entire plan can be viewed using the link below

 MasterPlan 2030

2016 Concourse G, Cargo 2A and 2B, and Associated Projects