Tom Nissalke

Assistant General Manager, Planning and Development

Thomas Nissalke is the assistant general manager of planning and development. In this role, he oversees the planning, design and construction of ATLNext, the Airport’s 20-year, multibillion-dollar capital improvement program.

In addition to managing ATLNext’s implementation, Mr. Nissalke is responsible for all Airport planning and the ATL’s environmental compliance programs, environmental planning and federal grants, and regulations compliance.

With more than two decades at Hartsfield-Jackson, Mr. Nissalke previously served as the director of planning and environmental for the Department of Aviation, in which he led the completion of the Airport’s master plan in 2015. He began his career at ATL in 1995, performing airfield and airspace computer modeling.

Mr. Nissalke completed his undergraduate degree in civil engineering in 1989 from the University of Utah. After moving to Atlanta, he attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and earned his Master of Science degree in civil engineering in 1991 and doctorate in civil engineering in 1994.