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ATL GM John Selden at the opening of the Congressman John Lewis tribute wall ATL GM John Selden at the opening of the Congressman John Lewis tribute wall

February 2023 ATL WOW Recognitions

feb wow 23
ATLWOW Superstar


Joseph Lee met a stranded passenger at the Domestic Terminal. The passenger was unable to board her international flight due to losing her passport and other forms of identification. Joseph purchased a plane ticket to reunite her with her family in Florida where they could assist her further. He spent roughly $350 on the ticket out of his pocket, and I believe he should be acknowledged for his actions. Joseph consistently goes above and beyond and this is another example of his dedication to customer service.

wow feb 23

These precious girls found me lost in the airport while I was having a nervous breakdown over missing a flight. They took me under their wings and helped me locate a hotel. This was on New Year’s Eve, and the hotel inventory was growing smaller by the minute. Their care and concern helped me to calm down and their kind counsel gave me the clarity I needed to move forward. They then escorted me to the shuttle area and made sure that I was taken care of from there. As I was leaving, I handed Khadirah my business card and gave her permission to call me anytime. She called me first thing the following morning to check on my well-being. I will be grateful to these sisters who went well above and beyond anything anyone would ever expect. Many thanks, sisters!

Jan 2- wow

John Thornton-HSS

John was working in the international departure terminal. I met him while waiting to board our flight to Athens on October 22nd. The issue was: I needed to mail my brother-in-law’s birthday card and thought there would be a mail drop in the sterile area. I asked John, who told me that it was not readily accessible from that terminal’s sterile area. He offered to mail the card for me on his way home; an offer I was glad to accept. He e-mailed my two days later, complete with a photo of him dropping the card into a mailbox. That was so appreciated!!


Rico Mathis–Prospect

My 75yo, wheelchair bound father traveled from ATL to CLE on Southwest Airlines on 11/26/22 (flight2505 departing at 8:05 am) We dropped him at the departure doors at about 05:30 am and having him seated in a wheelchair, he was advised that they were taking people first come, first served. He sat and waited. Then he was advised at one point that he’d need to push his own wheelchair to the gate (which apparently this was a logical request to wheelchair bound passengers) and when he could not, he was left to sit longer. Mind you, we dropped him off MORE THAN 2 HOURS before his scheduled flight, anticipating he’d have no problem getting to his gate promptly. Finally, Mr. Rico Mathis noticed my dad and another elderly, wheelchair bound passenger still waiting and took it upon himself to wheel BOTH passengers throughout your airport to make it to their respective gates in time to board their fights. I believe, based on the photo of his badge that my dad took, that Mr. Mathis may actually be one of your airport employees and not a Southwest staff member. My family and I greatly appreciate the care and assistance Mr. Mathis showed my dad and the care he took in ensuring he wouldn’t miss his flight. He is an asset to your airport and deserves to be recognized for taking initiative and going above and beyond to help your passengers. Please let him know that he was a bright spot in what was otherwise a terrible travel experience.

Ms. Lisa was my angel tonight. I came to her store and wanted to order food, but I could not stand in line long because of a medical condition that limit my walking and standing. She told me don’t worry about standing and she allowed me to stay seated and took my order. She even brought me my food when it was done. What really touched me was when she asked me what gate I was departing from and if I needed a wheelchair. I said no, thinking I could make it back to D15. As I am walking back, I stumbled, and she was right beside stopping me from falling. This young woman let me hold onto her and walked me all the way to my gate and ask the gate agent to get me a wheelchair. I greatly appreciate the compassion and care she gave me. God Bless You Lisa!

Thank you Lisa Washington

Delaware North

March 2022

I saw this TSA agent Supervisor help this man because he was having a seizure. The man hit his head so hard that blood was all over the floor. The TSA agent Supervisor stayed with the man the entire time and was talking to him to keep him alert. Out of all of the TSA agents that were on duty, TSA agent Supervisor Carlos Langston was the only TSA agent that jumped in to help. He really deserves a medal or some type of award for being a true hero. I can understand some people did not want to help because of the pandemic, COVID, and the many blood diseases, however, even with blood being all on the floor, the TSA agent didn’t care about none of that, he continued to help that passenger until the ambulance arrived. There was blood on his uniform, all on his gloves and on the floor, he never walked away. Wonderful Customer Service ATL!

Thank you Carlos Langston, TSA

April 2022

I had the pleasure of interacting with Nekila who was working in the Concourse A food court today. She was so kind and attentive to all the guests sitting down for a bite to eat. I sat down to eat my meal and realized I forgot to grab napkins. Before I could even decide if I wanted to get up, Nekila walks over and hands me some! I then witnessed multiple interactions with her and other guests, including quick clearing of finished food wrappings and complementing an elder ladies loafers. What a great representation of Southern hospitality and a welcoming spirit in an otherwise chaotic environment. Someone please give Nekila the recognition she deserves!

Thank you Nekila White

Paradies Lagardere

April 2022