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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Join us as we showcase how technology, safety and ingenuity connect in the Atlanta airport. Experts will share through engaging workshops and hands-on demonstrations with a focus on preventing injuries and keeping others safe.

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What is SMS?


Safety is one of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s core business functions. The Department of Aviation is committed to implementing a safety management system (SMS) that enables its management, employees, the airlines, tenants and other business partners to operate in a safe environment. The Federal Aviation Administration defines a safety management system as a formalized approach to managing safety by developing an organization-wide safety policy; formal methods of identifying hazards and analyzing and mitigating risk; methods for ensuring continuous safety improvements; and organization-wide strategies to promote safety. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport defines a safety management system as a data-driven, business-oriented approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. It focuses on organizational safety rather than strictly conventional health and safety issues at work.

The Airport’s SMS will:

  • Identify safety hazards
  • Ensure that actions are taken to mitigate risks and hazards
  • Provide for continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the safety level

Benefits of an SMS?

  • Reduces the direct and indirect cost of accidents
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Establishes a marketable safety record
  • Prioritizes safety needs
  • Ensures compliance with legal responsibilities for safety
  • Provides efficient maintenance scheduling and resource utilization
  • Promotes ongoing improvement of operational processes

Who’s accountable?

All levels of management, beginning with the aviation general manager, are accountable for delivering the highest level of safety performance.

Safety Policy

Safety is one of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s core business functions. The Department of Aviation is committed to implementing a safety management system (SMS) that enables its management, employees, the airlines, tenants and other business partners to operate in a safe environment that minimizes exposure to hazards and risks and encourages all employees to report safety-related situations, incidents or accidents. Hartsfield-Jackson is dedicated to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all aviation activities take place within the department’s planed allocation for resources, aimed at achieving the highest level of safety performance and complying with local, State and Federal regulations and standards. Hartsfield-Jackson’s leaders will provide the necessary policy direction, resources and environment for a successful SMS. Department of Aviation employees will implement the SMS in partnership with airlines, tenants and other business partners. All levels of management, beginning with the Aviation General Manager, are accountable for delivering the highest level of safety performance.

Contact Us

City of Atlanta Department of Aviation Safety Management Systems
6000 North Terminal Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30320

SMS Confidential Reporting Form

The SMS confidential reporting program is designed to encourage employees to report existing and potentially hazardous situations at the Airport while protecting their confidentiality and eliminating any fear of retribution. Confidential reports may be made by calling (404) 382-4674 or clicking here to submit a report online 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
If the hazardous situation is an emergency, call 911 immediately. The employee’s identity will be kept confidential to the extent permissible by law. With the participation of Airport employees, ATL can prevent accidents and improve overall safety. The Hartsfield-Jackson SMS slogan “Safety Always!” means developing a culture in which every Airport employee makes safety a key consideration every day. Every employee is responsible for communicating any information that may affect Airport operations and for using the confidential reporting program to ensure that potential safety issues are addressed and corrected.

OneATL Safety Always Program


Safety is ALWAYS a priority at Hartsfield-Jackson, and we are applauding those who exhibit safety excellence. The OneATL Safety Always Program each month honors employees who demonstrate exemplary safety practices by identifying hazards and taking actions to maintain a safe working environment for our employees and customers.

Who should you nominate? 

Any employee or team who displays exceptional safety awareness in the day-to-day work environment should be nominated. The types of safety behaviors that merit award consideration should clearly state activities of identifying hazards and any actions taken to mitigate risks of injury or accidents, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Acting prudently to report and/or prevent a safety hazard or incident.
  • Promoting a positive safety culture to increase employee awareness of hazards and workplace safety.
  • Adhering to good housekeeping standards to enhance fire safety by avoiding blocked or obstructed aisles, exits or fire extinguishers.
  • Preventing or removing hazards such as foreign object debris (FOD) in or around Aircraft Operation Area.

What are the nominating categories? 

The safety categories provide recognition for acts intended to prevent adverse effects related to danger, risks or injury. Individuals and/or teams whose behavior exemplifies Safety Always are eligible to be nominated. The safety recognition is focused on Airside and Landside operations in the categories below:
  • Public Safety – Airside
  • Public Safety – Landside
  • Fire and Life Safety (Airside and Landside operations)
  • FOD Removal and Management

Who can be nominated? 

Any employee from the Hartsfield-Jackson community may be nominated. Nominations to be considered for the current month. Who can make nominations?  Anyone from the Hartsfield-Jackson community may nominate any employee; however, self-nominations will not be considered or processed. New Award Category: Fire and Life Safety Our newest category recognizes Airport employees who have made significant contributions in Fire and Life Safety — contributions that benefit the lives and well-being of our Airport community. We want to recognize these heroes! This category includes Airport workers (excluding fire, EMS and police) who have demonstrated unselfish acts of courage by responding to an emergency to save lives and/or property. It also includes individuals or teams who promote fire and life safety practices by identifying fire hazards and/or taking actions to mitigate fire and life safety risks within their work environment. Examples of fire and life safety practices include the following:
  • Demonstrated actions to reduce hazards for effective fire prevention, fire protection and/or life safety (includes practical and creative methods);
  • Used fire safety education or knowledge to help prevent a possible fire and life incident by seeking out the appropriate assistance to ensure that the situation was safely resolved;
  • Maintained a safe work environment by keeping areas clean, eliminating accumulation of materials and debris, and ensuring fire exits are not blocked.

New Award Category: Safety Leadership (Annual)

The Annual Safety Leadership Award recognizes employees and/or departments that have demonstrated actions to reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace and taken proactive measures to sustain a safe work environment. When nominating an individual, work group or department for this award, list specific activities, outcomes and accomplishments achieved during the past year (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020) that had a significant improvement on your safety and health program. Examples of safety behaviors and outcomes include:
  • Improvements to airline industry or airport safety procedures
  • Advancement of airport safety
  • Innovative approach to safety programs
  • Excelling in team safety and fostering a safety culture
  • Improving driver/operator training and safe vehicle operations
  • Increased use of technology to improve workplace safety
The safety leadership nomination must be submitted by June 30, 2020 by completing the online form. If you know of anyone who meets the criteria for our OneATL Safety Always Award, nominate him or her today! Click on the link below to access the nomination form.

OneATL Safety Always Award Recipients

Mamor Jagne, Clarence Cassells, Trevor Taylor, Delta Air Lines, Fire Life Safety

Alexander Riehl, Ashley James, Caroline Basilone, Southwest Airlines,  Fire Life Safety

Gus Hudson, Department of Aviation, Safety Leadership

Kenley Horton, Southwest Airlines, Airside General Safety

Shawn Williams, AETC, Landside General Safety

Daniela Mendez, Lufthansa,  FOD Award

Atlanta Air Traffic Control Tower , Transportation Security Administration, Special Accommodation

OneATL Annual Award Winners 2019

Barrington Martin , ATL Enforcement, Fire Life Safety July 2019

Rosa Gonzalez, ATL Enforcement Fire Life Safety July 2019

Adrian Moses, AATC, Airside General Safety July 2019

Flavio Martinez, Southwest Airlines FOD October 2019

Katy Mynatt , Southwest Airlines Airside General Safety October 2019

Lisa Henry, AATC Fire Life Safety October 2019

Terrance White Southwest Airlines Fire Life Safety  October 2019

Wes McDonald and Alex Jenkins Department of Aviation Landside Operations  General Safety Landside November 2019

Lamont Whitfield , Delta Air Lines Fire Life Safety December 2019

Delta Air Lines Line Maintenance, Fire Life Safety December 2019

Athalia Powell , Areas, General Safety Landside February 2019

Dwight Morrow, AATC Honorable Mention February 2019

Anthony Alakwe, Michaela Evans & Rodney Thomas , G2 Secure Staff Honorable Mention February 2019

Dexter Elliot Elite Construction, Airside General Safety  January 2018

Delta Aircraft Maintenance Fire Life Safety March 2018

Kandice Barnett, Paradies  Landside General Safety April 2018

Jim Herren, AATC, FOD  May 2018

M. G. White, Moses Williams, Custom Border Patrol, Fire Life Safety May 2018