ATL Truckpass

Introducing TRUCKPASS

No more chaos. Fast docking assignment. Shorter wait times.

As of March 1, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport now requires a TRUCKPASS, a reservation-based docking credential, to access the cargo docking area for freight loading and unloading.

ATL TruckPass

How it works

The TRUCKPASS process is composed of three phases:

ATL Truckpass
ATL Truckpass arrive phase
Truckpass process assign stage
ATL Truckpass load phase

TRUCKPASS benefits


A: There is no monetary cost for truckers to use TruckPass.
A: Lufthansa, Alliance and Swissport can reserve a dock for truckers’ pickups and drop-offs. When one of them reserves a dock, it will contact the trucking company that is making the pickup or drop-off and provide the reservation number for that dock. When the check-in agent asks the driver if the trip is standard or if it involves a reservation, the driver must respond with the reservation number, if a reservation has been made.
A: Every truck picking up or dropping off cargo, for any airline using the South Cargo area, must use the TruckPass process.
A: All trucks requiring a dock in ATL’s South Cargo area (e.g., buildings A, B, C, and D) must use TruckPass and obtain a docking credential before Lufthansa, Alliance or Swissport will provide loading or unloading service.
A: If multiple shipments are all in the same building/category (e.g., Building A/import), then there is no need to go through TruckPass for each shipment. However, if a truck has to be moved to another dock, whether that dock is at the same building or another building, the driver must go through TruckPass for a new docking credential.
A: If a shipper needs a dock, TruckPass is a requirement. If a shipper has a van or car that can use a ramp or a parking space, and no dock is involved, then TruckPass is not a requirement.
  1. Cellphone number
  2. First airline to be loaded or unloaded
  3. Import or export
  4. Standard or reservation number.
A: If a check-in agent determines the driver has a flatbed, he or she will ask if the load is oversized. If the driver says yes, then the load must be unloaded on the airside of South Cargo, and an escort will be required through nearby Gate 70. The check-in agent will instruct the driver to find a slot in the staging area, where the escort will meet the driver. Flatbeds that do not have oversized loads will answer the four questions listed above. Once issued a docking credential, drivers can then proceed to their assigned dock.
A: Cellphones make the TruckPass easier and faster, but check-in agents have a paper/manual process to accommodate drivers without a cellphone.
A: The check-in agent will instruct the driver to select a space in the staging area. When a dock becomes available, the next driver in the queue will receive a text with the required docking credential. Once the driver receives the docking credential, he or she can proceed to the assigned dock.
A: The check-in agent will instruct the driver to park in the TruckPass staging lot while the driver contacts a third party to obtain the answers. Once the questions are answered, the driver must exit, re-enter the TruckPass lot and pull in to the Check-in Station.
A: No. These are unique numbers that must be reassigned/reconfirmed during the TruckPass check-in agent/driver transaction.
A: ATL aims to increase efficiency and safety, remove hassles in the importing and exporting of goods, and make doing cargo business at the Airport more lucrative for all parties involved.

Effective March 1, 2017


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