Balram Bheodari

Balram Bheodari

Interim Airport General Manager

Balram Bheodari is the interim Airport general manager. As the leader of the world’s busiest and most efficient airport, Mr. Bheodari oversees Airport operations as well as a multibillion-dollar capital improvement program that will pave the way for growth over the next 20 years. For more, click here.

Michael Smith

Michael L. Smith

Airport Senior Deputy General Manager

Michael L. Smith is the Airport senior deputy general manager. He manages the department’s day-to-day functions, including commercial operations, planning and development, finance, procurement and IT. For more, click here.

Greg Richardson

Greg Richardson

Interim Deputy General Manager
and Chief Financial Officer

Greg Richardson is the interim deputy general manager and chief financial officer. A certified public accountant, he monitors ATL’s nearly $1 billion annual budget and oversees the financing needs for ATLNext, the Airport’s capital improvement program. For more, click here.

Richard Duncan

Richard L. Duncan

Assistant General Manager, Public Safety
and Security

Richard L. Duncan is the assistant general manager for public safety and security. He leads the Airport public safety and security team, with operational responsibilities for Airport law enforcement, life and fire safety, emergency preparedness and response, and the Airport Communications Center. For more, click here.

Sharon Jones

Sharon Heard-Brown

Assistant General Manager, IT Operations

Sharon Heard-Brown is the assistant general manager of IT operations. She is responsible for implementing and integrating technologies to support the Department of Aviation’s strategic objectives. For more, click here.

Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer

Assistant General Manager, Operations, Maintenance and Transportation

Paul Meyer is the assistant general manager for operations, maintenance and transportation.  An accredited airport executive, he oversees the operations department to ensure a safe, efficient environment for more than 101 million passengers and more than 880,000 flight operations annually. For more, click here.

Elise Durham

Director, Policy and Communications

Elise Durham is director of policy and communications. She oversees media relations and strategic, executive and crisis communications. Additionally, she advises senior leadership on the multibillion-dollar capital improvement program, aviation security, lease agreements, passenger and air cargo growth, and business development. For more, click here.

Steve Meyers

Steve Mayers

Director, Customer Experience
and ADA Coordinator

Steve Mayers is the director of customer experience and ADA coordinator. He oversees the guest experience, ADA administration, volunteer and nonprofit programs, and team member development. For more, click here.

Jaime Tapp

Jaimi Tapp

Director, Strategic Planning

Jaimi Tapp is the director of strategic planning. She oversees the strategic planning process, including plan development and implementation. For more, click here.

Myrna White

Myrna White

Director, Office of Public Affairs

Myrna White is director of the Office of Public Affairs. She is responsible for business units that manage government and community affairs, speakers bureau, Partners in Education, international affairs, web content and public relations (excluding media relations). For more, click here.